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Weapons of War

Posted by Chris

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  • Since 3000bc we have only known 200 years of peace.
  • Eph 6:10; put on the full armour of God.
  • You can not have the 'finally' without first preparing.
  • Storms within a war give no notice.
  • You can be standing all prepared but you can be taking from under your feet.
  • Make a decision to love your wives so that you will not be knocked from your feet.
  • Wives submit to your husbands. So that you'll live in his safety.
  • Love your children: Eph 6:4
  • Be a great employee; Eph 6:5
  • 1 Sam 2:16
  • Be a great Boss.
  • Eph 5: live a life of moral impurity.
  • Speak well of each other, look to build each other up not down.
  • Be honest, speak whole truths.
  • Live in peace with each other. Bare with each other. Choose to walk the higher walk of love.

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