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Battle ship

Posted by Chris

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[We viewed a video that compared the church to a cruise ship then to a battle ship.]

  • We have already made a choice to compare the church to a battle ship as we are involved in the CM team.
  • John so confessed that he feels dry but stated that God is still real in his heart.
  • We all can feel baron but still get on with our God-given tasks. As everyone goes through seasons. There is a time for all seasons of our lives.
  • It's Ok to feel blessed outta our socks! It's also equally Ok to feel dried up.
  • God doesn't want us to live in the land of even forever as He wants us to live in the land of plenty!
  • We don't control the time of seasons but are to recognise the season that we're currently in.
  • Our alignment with God's timing is very important!
  • We can do nothing better than to do God's will in all seasons. Rejoice in Him always.
  • There are some things we can't change. But with power of encouragement and silence we have power to change others.
  • We watched a video about a baby named Eliot who only lived for 99 days. He never wrote a book, made a movie or spoke a word but he impacted so many people with his silence!
  • Hebrews 13

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