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When God says it!

Posted by Chris

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  • We were made to know a Jesus who is alive and active.
  • Jesus wants to meet with you in a fresh new way - to have a relationship with you.
  • Hebrews 11:3, Exodus 3:2.
  • God "framed" the universe, it's rules, it's structure. By the things He says. He speaks it, it'll happen.
  • what has God said over you/ says about you.
  • God spoke into Moses to save the nation even though Moses had speech problems but 'cos God spoke it, it happened!
  • God wants to know/asks who is framing your life?
  • Others try to frame us by speaking words to us, putting us down, judging us.
  • God has plans for our life, we are not meant to live a place of brokenness.
  • We nay hide our face when God is speaking to us, but God sees beyond our brokenness for He has His plans for us all.

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