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Father's Day

Posted by Chris

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Matt asked us to remember God on Father's Day, the father who's always good, true.

  • Gen 2:18, 21-24. Not good to be alone..
  • God spoke into our lives from day one, that we should be community with family: based on one mother, one father.
  • Our greatest father of all is God in heaven, who chose us from the very start of creation. We turn our attention to Him.
  • Qualities of a great dad:
  1. Affirmation - it's good to leave your mother, father. Mathew 3:16-17. Zeph 3:17.
  2. Provision - Proverbs 13:22, 19:14. Mathew 7:11
  3. Availability - invest time in your kids.
  4. Direction - correction, boundaries. Heb 12:5-6, He's interested in our lives 

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