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Podcast: A God to call Father

Posted by Chris

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  • You can't not be the child of your parents, they do shape your early identity.
  • When you come to know Jesus you get a new identity.
  • You don't have to afraid to think God as Father. He's the perfection of an earthly dad, not like the broken earthly dad.
  • We have a choice to reverse the damage caused in our lives: Jesus came to reverse the curse on our lives.
  • When you think about not being a certain way, you're actually focusing and becoming that way. Like the answer to most things, Jesus should be your focus.
  • We have an opportunity to share that Jesus is bigger than all the problems that life has to throw at you.
  • You still need to honour your parents. This, in part, gives you the freedom to move forward.
  • If you're looking at the cross, you can say I'm forgiven, loved, unique, rare, God's treasure.
  • God wants us to know He's cheering for us.

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