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Podcast: Becoming someone vs finding someone

Posted by Chris

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  • The main message God wants to plant is hope. Matthew 6:25 don't worry!
  • The main thing the enemy wants to steal is hope.
  • It's not God's nature to not give you what you need.
  • God made you and He loves you. He's very interested in the person who you're going to be with for life.
  • God said it's not good for man to be alone. God's plan is for us not to he alone.
  • God knows that what you need more than a mate is a maker. Everyone should fall in-love with their maker.
  • We weren't created for each other. We were created for the maker. Relationships will fail if we seek that in each other.
  • The purpose of life is not to find the best mate. The purpose is to mature in likeness of Jesus.
  • End game isn't to find somebody, it's to become someone.

[intermission. We talked about the purpose of relationships, to walk together towards being Christ like]

  • If you submit to God, God is in the business of moving us to the right people.
  • Marriages stay strong if you both walk towards the same primary objective.
  • Start your relationship with the same love of Jesus.
  • Our power is in today. Don't let the enemy let you stress about the future. God has your future.
  • You'll never find the right person while you're with the wrong person:
  • You don't need a seat-filler while you're on your journey with God.
  • Some people are single for a season. However some people are single for a reason. Most likely because of yourself:
  • God can come into your life and repair you into the person you're meant to be. Into the type everyone wants in their life.

What's it going to take?

  • It's going to take maturity from the boys to move into men. Put away the gaming console..
  • It's going to take getting a job, car.
  • It takes a father. You have one in heaven.
  • It takes dying to self.
  • It's going to take humility: a man to say two are better than one.
  • It takes saying No. No to everyone else.
  • It takes a pursuit. Put away the phone.. Look her in eye. Be willing to loose.
  • It takes a decision. Say the words: I do.

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