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Podcast: #stronger

Posted by Chris

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  • Ephesians 5:21 Submit to one another.
  • God's plan is for the husband to lead the family.
  • Men must love their wives as Christ loves the church, and give themselves up as Christ did.
  • Marriage is a reflection of God's commitment to us.
  • Marriage is a convenient, a binding agreement with God.
  • God's in business of eternal commitments. The world's view not so much.

Steps to strengthen your marriage:

  1. Prioritise your marriage over all things other than your salvation. The goal of your family isn't to become one. That's only between your spouse and you.
  2. Align your orbits. Take time to be together, distraction free.
  3. Talk with your spouse. Make conversations:
    • How are you really doing?
    • What are you thinking about lately?
  4. Contend for your marriage. Don't destroy the trust in your spouse.
  5. Champion your spouse. Publicly and privately.
  6. Resign from the mission of trying to change your spouse. Give that to God through prayer.
  7. Adopt the greater mission of making Jesus famous as the frame of your family portrait.
  • What frame are you choosing to place your family in? Don't spend your whole life about the "us". Make it about Jesus.

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