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Christ connecting choices

Posted by Chris

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The Way

Enter the narrow gate, the gate that lends to life itself. Choosing to live a life that is pleasing to God.

The Godly person:

  • Builds Character 
  • Focuses on Spirituality 
  • Lives for the glory of God 
  • Serves others

Do we think about living life seriously? The big picture- what is life all about? Its origin, purpose and eternity.


Discern false prophets by their fruits. Are they Christlike?

Are they preaching inline with the word of God?

Use all your faculties to love God.

Choices are informed and shaped by beliefs. Is the spirit of God and his word informing our choices?


Where do you get meaning?

True meaning depends on our relationship with the living Christ, not our works.

Are we walking with Christ? Living in a connection with the living God.

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