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Holy Spirit

Posted by Chris

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  • People mistakenly say Jesus is in their hearts. It's written that Jesus left the earth and is at the right hand of God the father. The Holy Spirit was left for us, whom it is we have in our hearts.
  • The Holy Spirit was the first member of the God head mentioned in the bible. Gen 1:2 God's spirit was over the earth.
  • Danny asked why did Jesus say He had to leave the earth for the Holy Spirit to come. Bree said that it may have to do with ourselves, wanting/expecting Jesus to be our interceder. But this is the job of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit's function is the hands of God. It's not His personality.
  • Jesus was dependent on the spirit. He sought the spirit. He didn't perform his miracle until he was baptised by the spirit.
  • Allos means another of the same kind. Which is how Jesus describes the Holy Spirit whom is left on earth for us.
  • We often leave the Holy Spirit out of our lives with God. We should approach Him knowing that He is the all-knowing and all-powerful One who is willing and able to teach, help, and coach us. He longs to speak intimately with us.

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