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Holy Spirit

Posted by Chris

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  • If we grieve the Holy Spirit we must be sure to sincerely apologise rather then a quick fix prayer to stay in communion with the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit who is fully God has chosen to make home in our hearts.
  • Mathew 15:6-9 tradition vs word of God.
  • To be in true communion with God we must put aside man's traditions and embrace the truth.
  • Only the Holy Spirit makes the word of God become alive in our hearts. Reveals the awesome mysteries of God's word.
  • The lost were drawn to, not away from, the apostles who were fully in communion and worship with the Holy Spirit.
  • If we refuse the Holy Spirit, Christ's power and presence will be absent from our lives (and churches!)
  • As people have different preferences for worship God will use whatever style.
  • For example people may get comfort from the liturgy and it may speak to them at a particular time in their life.
  • With the empowerment of the holy Spirit the way we live in and interact with our communities, churches, workplaces and each other is the best way we can give an accurate representation of the church and our faith.

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