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10 biblical reasons to pray:

  1. There is a devil. The armour of God is put on through prayer.
  2. God’s appointed way of obtaining things. Have not, ask not.
  3. The apostles regarded prayer as the most important business of their lives. Prayer and ministry of the word.
  4. Played a prominent part in Jesus’ life.
  5. Is the most important part of Jesus’ present ministry. Jesus is praying for us, now!
  6. Prayer in the name of Jesus is the way Jesus appointed to receive fullness of Joy. When we ask In Jesus’ name and God answers, it makes God real. Brings us into communion with God - fullness of Joy.
  7. The means God has given to overcome anxiety and receive peace.
  8. Promotes spiritual growth. Through our prayer life our sins are brought to light. Wisdom. Strength. Beholding is becoming.
  9. God moves in the hearts of unbelievers when we pray.
  10. It is the condition for experiencing revival in the church and revival in the world.

We throw ourselves on the mercy of God. He does in a moment - Martin Lloyd Jones

God hasn’t lost power to save, we have lost confidence in his power to do so.

We need Intercessory faith.

How and what to pray?

The way for us to pray is to follow Jesus’ teachings. Matthew 10:7-14

Understand who you are talking to

  • Prayer should not be our focus, God should be the focus.
  • It’s not about experience, it’s about getting to know God.
  • Our Father knows our needs.
  • Fixing our eyes on God shapes our posture towards him in prayer.
  • Delighting on who we are calling on. Cares and mighty to deliver.
    • God’s name (3) - then our needs(3) - 6 parts of the prayer
  • We pray to God to be glorified above all else in the world starting in our hearts.
  • The purpose of the universe is for the hallowing of God’s name. (John Piper). Our lives are part of this.
  • Seek his glory in all parts of our life.
  • Pray for God to bring about his rule on earth.
  • Zizzendorf 1727 - 100 years Maravians
  • Jesus knows that our prayers can be earthly. We can pray for what we need.
  • Confess your sins knowing that Jesus has forgiven all.
  • Ask to be convicted and be guarded against the lies of Satan.
  • Bring Needs: guilt, struggles, longing.
  • 30 minutes where you won’t be distracted.
  • Start at 10 minutes.
  • Pray out loud with your bibles open.
  • Pray in faith that God will give to you according to his word.
  • Align our wills to him.
  • Learning to pray will give us a less busy heart.

How can I pray so that God will answer?

  • Ask and I will give so that your joy may be full
  • Does our experience need changing

Conditions for answered prayer

  1. Pray in Jesus’ Name. Pray in his credit, not mine. His merit, not mine.
  2. Pray according to God’s will. 1 John 5 don’t receive because we pray for the wrong thing. Know the will of God through the word of God. Pray the promises.
  3. Pray abiding in Christ. Daily renounce our self life. Passive: trusting in Christ for his provision. Active: obey Him. If you ignore God he will hear God.
  4. We pray dependent on the Holy Spirit.
  5. Pray with expectant faith. Faith comes from hearing the word. Pray the promises, believing they will be received from God.

Use me in anyway you see fit.

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